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Official Check Fraud Alert

It has recently been discovered that counterfeit NSWC FCU Official Checks may be in circulation.  If you can answer yes to any of the below questions you may be inadvertently involved in a scam or are being scammed.

  • Have you received a NSWC Federal Credit Union Official Check with any of the below signatures?

Photo of fraudulent check

  • Is the Official Check information handwritten?
  • Does the seven digit check number begin with 308 or 302?
  • Is the return address something other than PO Box 519, Dahlgren, VA, 22448?
  • Is the City and State of the Credit Union listed as Ashburn, VA?
  • Did you receive a NSWC Federal Credit Union official check after communicating with someone via email in reference to a job posting or the sale of an item?
  • Have you been asked to deposit a portion of the funds, keep a portion and then return a portion via money gram, western union, wire or other methods?
  • If you were selling an item online was the amount of the official check more than the amount that you were selling the item for?
  • Did the official check arrive via US Mail, FED EX, UPS or DHL either unexpectedly or from someone different than the person you have been communicating with?

If you are able to answer yes to any of the above questions, please contact NSWC Federal Credit Union at 540.663.2181 to verify your official check.  If you cash or deposit a fraudulent official check, your financial institution may seek full payment from you.  At NSWC FCU, our goal is to protect your best interests.  Your assistance in helping us prevent the spread of check fraud is greatly appreciated.