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Buying a home is a big decision. We know how important it is and how confusing and stressful it can be. You can trust us to provide all of the tools you need—low rates, numerous options and a personalized experience. We take care of these things so you have more time to find your dream kitchen and perfect master bath.

  • Purchase

    We offer various Mortgage Loan options to meet all of your home buying needs.

    Are you a first time home buyer looking for some information about the mortgage process?  This link is a great place to find the answers to your questions!

    Fixed Rate Mortgage – With a fixed rate mortgage your payment will not change over the life of your loan because your interest rate doesn’t change. Our various Mortgage Loan features offer:

    • Easy online application
    • Low rates
    • Free 24/7 online and mobile banking access
    • Convenient loan calculators
    • Free automatic transfer

    Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Adjustable Rate Mortgages, ARMs, offer a lower starting interest rate and therefore, a lower monthly payment. Your rate and your payment may increase as time goes on.  Other than a variable rate, you enjoy the same features as our Fixed Rate Mortgage.

    Jumbo Loans – If you are looking to borrow more than $417,000, a jumbo loan may be your answer. We have a variety of jumbo loans offering the same features as our Fixed Rate Mortgages.

    Unique Loans – If none of the options above sound like they will fit your particular needs, don’t worry! We offer a variety of unique loans such as Balloon, FHA, VA and more. Ask us today and a loan specialist will help find the best fit for you.

  • Refinance

    Refinancing can get you a lower monthly payment which means more cash in your pocket today. Read more here to determine if this is the best option for you.

    Why should you refinance? If the current value of your home has increased it may make sense to refinance at a better rate, or refinance to consolidate debt or plan a home improvement project. If your home value has remained stable or you are in an area where the value of your home has declined, this may not be the best option for you.

  • Harmony

    Check out this great feature offered on many of our Mortgage Loans.

    The HarmonyLoan™ feature of your new mortgage gives you greater economic security--you can initiate interest rate changes at the “click” of your mouse! To learn more please view this document.

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A Federal regulation, the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, requires financial institutions to collect and provide mortgage data and periodically make data available to the public.  This data includes information on geographic distribution of loans and applications, ethnicity, race, sex, income of applicants and borrowers as well as information on loan approvals/denials.  Please contact us (540) 663-2181 for information regarding our branch locations where this information is available.

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