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Member Services: Overdraft Options

Remember the check you sent to your niece 3 months ago for her birthday? Well she just cashed it, at the same time your credit card payment processed; all while you were out enjoying a nice dinner…Don’t worry.


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Choose the Overdraft Coverage Option that best fits your needs:



Overdraft Protection Link to Another Deposit Account you have at NSWC Federal Credit Union1

$5.00 fee per transfer

Overdraft Protection Link to a Cash Advance on your NSWC Federal Credit Union credit card1, 2

$5.00 fee + interest

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit1, 2

$5.00 fee + interest

Overdraft Privilege

$31 per item.


1Call us at (540) 663-2181, email us at or come by a branch to sign up or apply for these services; 2subject to credit approval.

For more information please review the following documents: