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Member Services

We are here just for you. Our goal every day is to provide the most efficient and outstanding service possible to all of our members. Check out some of our services below.

  • ATMs

    With one of our VISA Check Cards, you have access to your accounts at tens of thousands of ATMs worldwide. Find a surcharge free ATM near you through the Allpoint Network. Please be advised, Allpoint ATMs may display a preprogrammed screen notifying you of a $3.25 charge. Despite this screen, this charge will not apply to NSWC FCU members. 

    When you are out and about and need cash, stop at one of our ATMs. We don't charge our members an ATM fee ever!
    For your convenience, there is also an App for that! Allpoint Network for Apple or Android phones. ​

  • Check Orders

    Please visit the Harland Clarke website to order new checks today.

  • Overdraft Options

    Remember the check you sent to your niece 3 months ago for her birthday? Well she just cashed it, at the same time your credit card payment processed; all while you were out enjoying a nice dinner…Don’t worry.

    Choose the Overdraft Coverage Option that best fits your needs:



    Overdraft Protection Link to Another Deposit Account you have at NSWC Federal Credit Union1

    $5.00 fee per transfer

    Overdraft Protection Link to a Cash Advance on your NSWC Federal Credit Union credit card1, 2

    $5.00 fee + interest

    Overdraft Protection Line of Credit1, 2

    $5.00 fee + interest

    Overdraft Privilege

    $31 per item.


    1Call us at (540) 663-2181, email us at or come by a branch to sign up or apply for these services; 2subject to credit approval.

    For more information please review the following documents:

  • Automated Phone Banking

    Make transactions anytime, from any touch-tone* phone; Simplify your life with faster, easier money from your credit union.

    To make transactions on UNO, you enter a four to sixteen digit Authorization Code number at the start of each call. Your Authorization Code protects your accounts from unauthorized access.

    Here's what you can do

    • Check your account balances
    • Transfer money between accounts
    • Withdraw funds
    • And more...all with no fee

    You'll also enjoy these time-saving, money management advantages

    • Fewer trips to the credit union, although we do love seeing you!
    • Multiple transactions in one call
    • Fingertip access to your accounts virtually 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Easy-to-use guide taking you through each transaction
    • At-a-glance wallet card for calls away from home
    • An itemized list of UNO transactions on your statement
    • Complete security (UNO cannot transfer money to another person's account or send checks to another person's address)

    Toll Free from any Touch-tone phone

    Click here for a Call Flow Sheet

    UNO Hints

    • Pressing * will return you to the previous menu
    • Pressing 3* will return you to the main menu
    • Pressing 7* will end your call
    • Pressing 9* will allow you to login to a different member number without ending your call
    • Pressing 0 will allow you to be connected to a Member Service Representative
    • Press 1 to hear the next item on the list

    *Touch-Tone® is a registered trademark of AT&T. Not all push-button are Touch-Tone® phones.

  • Coin Machines

    We know every penny counts, this is why we offer free access to our coin machines!

    Come to any branch and one of our wonderful tellers will put the coins into the counting machine for you – once counted the funds will be deposited directly into your account! Hassle and fee free, just how we like it.

  • Safe Deposit Boxes

    If you have valuables requiring safe and secure storage, we have safe deposit boxes locked away in our vaults, for your most precious items.

    We offer safe deposit boxes at all locations. Please contact us to determine availability, sizes and fees.

    Available sizes

    • 3 X 5
    • 5 X 5
    • 3 X 10
    • 5 X 10
    • 10 X 10 (only available at our Massaponax branch)
  • Notary Services

    Notary services are available in all of our branches, free of charge. It’s quick and easy, with no appointment necessary.

    All individuals whose signatures are being notarized must sign the document in our notary’s presence and provide valid identification (an unexpired, government issued identification card bearing photograph of the Signer)

  • Official Checks & Money Orders

    Available from the place you're already keeping your funds.

    Official Checks and Money Orders are available for a reasonable fee from the place you’re already keeping your funds.  Because they are prepaid, they are often accepted in situations where personal checks are not.

    Money Orders are quick, easy, and available for amounts $1,000 or less.
    Official Checks are available for any amount.

  • Switch Kit

    We’re so happy you have chosen us to be your primary financial institution! Find useful information here on switching your funds, info and payments from your previous institution.


    • Open Your New Account with NSWC FCU
    • Close Your Old Account
    • Verify all transactions and checks have cleared and leave enough funds to cover any remaining ACH’s.
    • Switch your Direct Deposit and Automatic Withdrawals
    • Complete this form and send it to any companies currently processing your automatic payments.
    • Contact your employer to change your direct deposit.

    For a more detailed checklist please review this document!

  • Instant Issue Debit Cards

    Need a new debit card? Don’t wait around! Whoever said good things come to those who wait must not have known about these!

    Take advantage of our instant issue debit cards today at any of our branches. PLUS, our new machines print cards with EMV chips.

  • Forms

    Find forms for things like card disputes and credit card balance transfers here!  Please FAX your forms to Card Services at 540-413-3981.