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Fraud & Consumer Alerts

Stay up to date with the most recent fraud and consumer alerts on this page. If you have any questions about fraud and/or consumer alert notices, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information... Don't forget to check out our Privacy Notice!

Protecting your accounts is a top priority, our dedicated staff constantly monitors your accounts for suspicious activity.

Ways to Protect Your Account

  • Update passwords and usernames often by using a combination of letters (capital and lower case), numbers and special characters (e.g. & or %).
  • Set credit and debit card usage notifications.
  • When you plan to travel, notify the Call center at 540.663.2181, an alert will be placed on your account. 
  • Freeze your credit or debit card if misplaced or stolen, 1.877.302.5253

If you suspect you're a victim of fraud or identity theft, call NSWC Federal Credit Union immediately at 540.663.2181, so we can instantly put a hold on your account.


Articles & Alerts

  • Equifax Cybersecurity Incident - Click here for information.  Fair Trade Commission instructions on how to place a Fraud Alert click here.  
  • Video Scam Targets Members Routing numbers - Protect yourself by using NSWC FCU bill pay.
  • Official Check Fraud Alert - Read more here. 
  • 12 point checklist for victims of Identity Theft
  • NCUA Posts New Online Resources to Help Consumers in Fighting Identity Theft - See more here.
  • Protect Yourself from Credit Card Fraud - How to here.
  • Avoid Malware on Your Mobile Devices - Read more here.