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Financial Services

Just like all other credit unions, we want to help you become both financially educated and stable. Creating a budget can be hard, and sticking to it can be even more difficult at first. Sometimes, you may not even know where to start investing your newly saved money. We’re here to help! Take advantage of your Credit Union’s financial services and tools. Who knows? You may just become a financial mastermind by using our various financial services and tools. 

  • Money Matters

    Personal Financial Tool - Budgeting on paper is so last year. Check out our new personal financial management tool called Money Matters.

    Built into your home banking, Money Matters is a free personal finance management tool with various features:

    • Allows you to see all of your finances in one place, including accounts at other financial institutions
    • Categorizes all transactions to show you what you’re spending and where
    • Shows trends in your spending
    • Allows you to set and follow budget goals by category
    • Allows you to set automatic alerts so you know when you are getting close to the end of your budget in any category
    • Aids in setting up an accurate and realistic budget and helps you track how well you are following your budget

    You have easy access to Money Matters right inside of your Online Banking account! Just look at the main menu and click on "Money Matters" to get started. 

  • NSWC Financial Services

    Click here to find out more about NSWC Financial Services Team and their services!

  • TruStage™ Insurance

    Looking to save on insurance? TruStage™ has insurance created just for Credit Union members.

    TruStage™ has been working with credit unions for over 80 years to provide  insurance to members. Whether you’re looking for auto, property, life, or AD&D coverage, TruStage™ has an option for you. View their site to learn more, get quotes, and explore.

    TruStage™ insurance products and programs are made available through TruStage Insurance Agency, LLC. Life insurance and AD&D insurance are issued by CMFG Life Insurance Company. Auto and Home Insurance Program are issued by leading insurance companies. The insurance offered is not a deposit, and is not federally insured, sold or guaranteed by your credit union.

  • Aflac®

    Last but not least, as a Credit Union member you also have special access to Aflac® products through your account.

    AFLAC logo with name and duck

    We have an agent just for you! Michele Payne, an Aflac® agent, is available for all NSWC Federal Credit Union  members.

    Contact her today to learn which insurance plan best fits your needs today!

    Accident InsuranceCancer InsuranceCritical Care InsuranceHospital Insurance

    Michele Payne
    (804) 512-9469

  • Merchant Services

    Many of our business members are looking for ways to cut their expenses and through our relationship with Total Merchant Concepts we can help.

    The credit card processing industry has never been more exciting than it is today! Change is around every corner. Government intervention, security concerns & mobile technology have altered the industry forever. So how does a business owner determine what solution is the right one for their business? This is where TMC comes in. Total Merchant Concepts is an integrity based company specializing in credit/debit card processing and other electronic payment options. Their team is dedicated to helping merchants navigate the dicey waters of the Merchant Services Industry with great staff members and extensive education.

    • Month to Month Options for ALL Businesses
    • Flat % Pricing for Limited or Seasonal Use Merchants
    • Smart Phone & Mobile Devices for Both Limited & Robust Users
    • Terminal Based Options for Retail Businesses
    • Online Options for Web Based Businesses
    • Level I & Level II Pricing for Qualified Businesses
    • Emerging Market Pricing for Qualified Businesses
    • Non Profit Programs for Community Service Organizations