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External Transfers

Add an External Account for ACH Transfers and Payments

In order to transfer funds to an account outside NSWC Federal Credit Union, you must first enroll the new external account. This will ensure the ability to make fund transfers to the outside account by integrating it into one, simple location.

Click on the "Add External Account" tab.

  1. Enter the "Account Number" and the financial institution’s Routing Number in the spaces provided. These numbers can be located towards the bottom of a paper check.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the "Account Type".
  3. Click "Continue". You should then receive micro deposits in 2-3 business days deposited to the external account to show the process has been initialized. Once you see that you have received these deposits, go to the "Verify External Account" tab to enter the amounts and activate your external account.

Once you have made a request to add an external account, check the history of that account and locate the two “micro” deposits that have been made. You will then be asked to provide those amounts which will verify the ability to make transfers and prove ownership of the outside account.

Click on the "Verify External Account" tab.

  1. To begin, click "Submit". You will be directed to a new window.
  2. "Select the Account" you would like to verify.
  3. Enter the amounts of the micro deposits that you see in your external account.
  4. Click "Continue".

Now that you have verified your External Account you will see the external account listed under your "Transfer" drop-down options. You can transfer from your external account  to make your loan payment with us at NSWC Federal Credit Union. You can also transfer funds from your external account into your checking or savings account here at NSWC Federal Credit Union. You can also transfer from your NSWC Federal Credit Union account to your external financial institution. 

***Just remember, your confirmation notice will say that the transaction was processed on a specific date. This is the specific date the system will send the request out, but it may take up to 3 days to post this transaction change to the account.  

Give yourself enough time when using ACH Transfers and if you have any questions, call us at 540-662-2181.