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Technological advances have made so many new things possible — including turning your smartphone into your own portable credit union! With our Mobile App, you can access your account on the go, 24/7.

Easily view your account balance, transfer funds, apply for a loan and COMING SOON, open an account right from your mobile device. Plus, with Mobile Deposit, you can even deposit checks in a few clicks. Just download the app for iPhone® or Android™ to get started!

  • Mobile Apps

    Mobile banking? We have an app for that.

    • NSWC Online Banking App allows you to: View account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks with mobile deposit and easily locate our branches with our convenient branch locator.
      • iPhone mobile app Click here. for Touch ID.
        • Don't forget to enable your Touch ID once you have logged into online banking.  It is located under the Security Preferences under the Settings tab.  If you don't see Touch ID, make sure you have enabled it in your iPhone settings under Touch ID & Password. 
        • NEW - Apple Watch® integration: View balances and the10 most recent transactions on up to 10 of your accounts on your Apple Watch®.
          1. To enable this feature, members will need to log into Online or Mobile Banking, tap the “Settings” menu, tap the “Apple Watch®” tab, and toggle to option to “On”.
          2. Next open the Apple Watch® settings, located on  their mobile device, called “My Watch”. 
          3. Tap the NSWC FCU app and toggle “Show App on Apple Watch®” to “On”.
      • Android mobile app Click here.  If you currently have the app, please delete it before downloading the new app from the app store. 
        • We have had reports from some members who have Android phones using AVG and Avira, protection software that it is recognizing an issue with malware.  Our app developer is aware of this and states it is a false positive.  Many reputable virus protection programs such as Norton and McAfee have vetted our Android app without issue.  Thank you for your patience as they work to resolve this.
    • MyCardRules™ - With MyCardRulesTM, you can manage your NSWC FCU VISA card on the go! You will be able to:
    • Credit Union Mortgage - With CUMA’s new mobile app your members now have even easier access to their mortgage loans to make payments, retrieve monthly mortgage statements, view payment histories, loan balances, and other general information directly from their mobile devices.  Members who are already registered for online access can simply navigate to either the Google Play Store or iTunes and search for “Credit Union Mortgage Association” to download the app today.
      • After you have downloaded and used our app, remember to "Rate the app" on your app store! If you are having any issues or problems with our app and need a little extra assistance, don't hesitate to call us! Mobile apps are a great convenience, and we are here to help you enjoy that experience.   
  • Mobile Wallet

    Take advantage of a simplified way to shop. Using a mobile wallet is another option for you to safely and securely make debit and credit card purchases with your NSWC FCU cards! It's simple, safe, and convenient.

    Mobile Wallet is another convenient way to keep your NSWC FCU debit and credit card with you wherever you go.

    • One-touch checkout
    • No card number entry
    • Your wallet, without a wallet
    • One time token transaction security
    • No card information shared with the merchant
    • Google PayTM
      • ​​​Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC
    • Apple Pay®​
      • ​Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.
    • Samsung PayTM
      • ​​​Only compatible with select cards, carriers, and Samsung devices; see the Samsung Pay Support page for compatibility information.

    You will be able to conveniently make purchases using your smartphone almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your card. All you have to do is hold your phone over the reader and tap the button!

    Based on your wireless plan and mobile carrier's offering, data charges may apply.

  • Mobile Deposit

    Deposit Checks from any mobile device, anytime. With Mobile Deposits you can deposit personal and business checks securely and safely from anywhere you have access to your mobile device.  No branch or ATM visits necessary, saving you a trip and time! 

    Deposit Your Checks the Easy Way
    Mobile Deposit service is free for checking account holders. View your mobile deposit check images in Online Banking. 
    Enjoy the Convenience: Deposit up to $10,000 in checks per business day from anywhere, anytime
    Save Time and Money: Skip the branch and ATM
    Real-Time Confirmation: Get email confirmations for every deposit.​

    You must be a NSWC FCU credit union member for 30 days and in good standing in order to enroll for Mobile Deposit.

    You need a checking account in order to use Mobile Deposit.  Once you have been a member for 30 days you will have the option to enroll in Mobile Deposit under the Transfer Menu. Accept the terms and conditions then you will be able to deposit your checks from any mobile device.

    Endorse the back of your check with: Your Signature and For Mobile Deposit only to NSWCFCU.
    Holds are placed on checks exceeding $500, until the check clears, so remember to keep the original check for 60 days. 
    Click here to see our Mobile deposit disclosure

    If you have been with us longer than 30 days, and are unable to view the mobile deposit enrollment, please call our Accounting Department for an update at 540.663.2181.

    If your app is showing the error, " A problem has occurred with the Remote Deposit Capture Adapter" your app is out of date and you need to go to the play store for an update.  

  • DocuSign ®

    Electronic Document Signing - We have some pretty great pens here at the Credit Union, but that doesn’t mean they have to be used. 

    DocuSign® replaces printing, faxing, scanning and mailing documents with the easiest, fastest, most trusted way to make every approval and decision digital.

    • Prepare and send any document—permission slips, real estate documents, work orders, invoices, etc.
    • Store them securely for later
    • Send documents anytime, from any device
    • Sign and send with the click of a button
    • Gain instant visibility into the status of your documents
    • Lower the environmental impact of doing business

    Watch this video for more details!

  • E-Statements

    Go paperless and stay secure! Enroll in online banking today for the quickest, secure way to receive your e-statements!

    E-Statements allow you to view your account statements electronically at times convenient to you at no charge. Receive them faster and enjoy a peace of mind knowing they are more secure than having your statement mailed. Log in to Online Banking today to get your E-Statements! You will find them located under the Services tab on the left side.

  • Bill Pay

    Have you ever forgotten to pay a bill? Have you ever forgotten just how many bills you had to pay on the same day? Let us help you remember with our bill pay program

    Our online banking platform gives you access to free Bill Pay Program built into your home banking platform:

    • Manage all of your bills in one place
    • Set up automatic payments
    • Receive automatic e-notifications when your payments have been sent
    • Receive bills electronically
    • View a payment calendar with past, pending and future payments
    • Track and manage all payments
    • Payment options include single, scheduled and recurring at your chosen frequency
    • View extensive payment history electronically

    Your online bill pay now has eBill so you can view, pay and track bills online. And you can do it all in one secure place. When you set up eBill, you’ll receive bill summaries right on your payments dashboard. That means you can see the payment amount and due date at a glance. It only takes a few moments to set up an eBill. Here’s how to do it: 
    1. Go to the payments dashboard and select “Set up eBill” under the payee’s name
    2. Enter your login credentials for the payee’s website
    3. Accept the terms and conditions and submit

    When you set up eBill, it’s easy to keep track of when your bills are due. 
    1. You will see an “eBill due” notice on your dashboard when your payee has a new eBill
    2. At this time, you can view the amount due and due date 

    Once an eBill is paid, you can view it in your “eBill History” for 18 months

    For your convenience, here is a copy of our bill pay agreement


  • Wire Transfers

    Need to send money to another financial institution?

    A wire transfer allows you to transfer funds between bank accounts. Visit any of our locations and one of our member service representatives will assist you in filling out a Wire Transfer Agreement form and processing the transaction.

  • Person 2 Person Transfer

    Remember when you and your sibling bought your mom’s birthday gift “together”? They may not, but you do. 

    Whether you’re paying your friend back for buying you dinner, giving your kids some spending money while they are away at school, or sending a friendly reminder to your siblings about the $50 they owe you, Person 2 Person transfer has you covered.

    • Send money directly to your recipient's bank account using their email, account number or mobile phone number
    • Send automated reminders to others with instructions on how to pay you back
    • Easy initial set up
    • Fast funding process
    • An easier way to give and get money all on your mobile device 

    Person 2 Person or P2P is currently available in our Billpay Services.

  • Online Banking FAQ's

    Check out these frequently asked questions about online banking!  Please note: Members who do not log in to Online Banking for 6 months, will have to re-enroll by clicking on "Enroll" on our homepage.

    Is Your Current Browser Compatible?

    Our compatibility table (below) can help you determine which browser is best for you.

    For example, if you are using Mac 10.9 (or higher) operating system, recommended browsers include Google Chrome (38+), Mozilla Firefox (27+) and Safari (7+).

    Keep your browser up-to-date to keep your data safe and secure.  

    Browser Windows 7 Windows 8-8.1 Windows 10 Mac 10.9+ IOS 5+ Android 5.0
    Google Chrome 38+
    Mozilla Firefox 27+
    Internet Explorer 9 - - -
    Internet Explorer 10 - - -
    Internet Explorer 11+ - - -
    Microsoft Edge - - - - -
    Safari 7+ - - -


    For Edge browser users, please make sure you type in, in order for your browser to recognize the correct website and not show a 401 error. 

    Browser Update Instructions:

    How do you transfer funds?  We have many options to assist you.

    Where is my Touch ID?

    • Touch ID is available for iPhone & Android users.  Make sure you have Touch ID enabled on your mobile device and remember to enable it within online banking under your security settings.

    Not sure how to navigate our website and online banking? Check out our instructional videos under the Education tab at the top. 

    How do I find my Account number? 

    Log into online banking and you are at the home screen. The numbers you see on your account tiles are partially hidden for security reasons. You will see something like  XXXX###-S0010.  This is not your account number. Please click the account tile and it will open the transaction details page. At the top you will see the dark gray bar with your current and available balance and your MICR number.  This MICR number is your account number. If you are still unable to locate it, please call us for assistance. 



  • Quicken & QuickBooks

    No matter if you are an individual or a small business, Quicken and QuickBooks can help you manage your money and time. 

    We support account downloads to QuickBooks and Quicken but we leave it to them for TechSupport.

    If you are having trouble with QuickBooks or Quicken software uploads, please contact them at one of the links below. 




  • TurboTax

    NSWC Federal Credit Union has teamed up with TurboTax to get your taxes done right!