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DocuSign Alert for Malicious Emails

DocuSign Alerts Public:  Malicious Email Campaign Underway


If you’ve ever closed a loan electronically with NSWC FCU, you may recall that we use a platform provided by DocuSign.  Last week DocuSign alerted the public that phishing emails spoofing DocuSign’s brand were being sent to some of its customers and users.  Up-to-the minute information from DocuSign can be found at  DocuSign Trust.  If you receive an email purportedly from DocuSign, please consider the following provided by DocuSign:

  • Delete any emails with the subject line, “Completed: [domain name]  – Wire transfer for recipient-name Document Ready for Signature” and “Completed [domain name/email address] – Accounting Invoice [Number] Document Ready for Signature”. These emails are not from DocuSign. They were sent by a malicious third party and contain a link to malware spam.
  • Forward any suspicious emails related to DocuSign to, and then delete them from your computer. They may appear suspicious because you don’t recognize the sender, weren’t expecting a document to sign, contain misspellings (like “” without an ‘i’ or, contain an attachment, or direct you to a link that starts with anything other than or
  • Ensure your anti-virus software is enabled and up to date.

Review our whitepaper on phishing available at