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Our Call Center is the perfect place to have any of your Credit Union questions answered. Don’t hesitate to call; our Call Center Representatives are looking forward to hearing from you!

540-663-2181 or 540-373-5127

Monday - Friday - 7:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Need to send us a fax? Want to write us a letter? Want to send us photos of your adorable new puppy? Here’s what you need:


Fax - 540-663-5779

Mail – P.O. Box 519, Dahlgren, VA 22448

If you would like to speak to a loan officer about one of our loan products, call 540-663-DIAL - (540-663-3425)

UNO is our automated telephone assistance line available 24/7.

Toll Free – 1-800-NSWCFCU (679-2328)

To report a lost or stolen card, to dispute a charge, to activate a check card, activate a PIN or for any other ATM card or check card questions and concerns please contact one of the following numbers:

During Business Hours - 540-663-2181 or 540-373-5127 or 1-877-302-5253

After Hours Lost or Stolen Card – 1-877-302-5253

After Hours Outside the US and Canada – 1-206-352-3482 collect


VISA Check Card Activation – To activate your check card please do a PIN transaction at any Point-of-Sale machine

Transaction Assistance Line –1-888-526-0404 Hours 24/7

For VISA Card Assistance please contact 1-800-682-6075

Transaction Assistance Line –1-888-526-0404 Hours 24/7

To mail a credit card payment, please send it to P.O. Box 966, Dahlgren, VA 22448

After Hours Lost or Stolen Card - 1-877-302-5253


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