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Build your credit and access the spending power you need with one of our Visa Card options! With low non-variable interest rates and no annual fees, you can feel financial security in your pocket. View additional benefits on our card products here! 

Lost or Stolen Card? Report your card by calling 877-302-5253. 


VISA Check Cards with ScoreCard® Rewards

NEW - Get rewarded while saving time and ink using this convenient card 24/7!


VISA with Cash Back

NEW - Kick back and reward yourself with 1.5% cash back.


VISA Preferred

If you want a generous credit line and a premium rate, this card has your name on it. It offers the same features as our Visa Credit Card plus credit lines from $10,000 to $30,000.



If you want to control spending with a low interest rate this is the credit card for you. Enjoy line amounts of $500 to $10,000 and numerous convenient features.


VISA Share Secured

If you need to establish or repair your credit we have the solution.


VISA Home Equity

Want to make home improvements with the convenience of a line of credit? A Home Equity Line of Credit, or HELOC, is similar to a home equity loan but allows you to draw on your line of credit as you need it.


VISA Account Updater

Did you get a new credit or debit card number? Merchant updates couldn't get any easier, with Visa Account Updater!


VISA Checkout

Pay online the easier way with Visa Checkout and your NSWC FCU Visa card.


Balance Transfers

High credit card balances got you stressed? Transfer & save today! No worries, our rates don't go up for balance transfers.

To request a copy of your credit card agreement, please call us at 540-663-2181 and ask for card services or click here to send us an email request. *Do not include personal information in your request (account numbers, Social Security Number or other sensitive information). 

We will provide the requested agreement within a reasonable time frame, not to exceed 30 days.

If you are traveling overseas, please give us a call so we can note your account.  Overseas charges, depending on the country can be automatically denied.  Call us if you have any questions at 540-663-2181.